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[movies]doubledragon2-tas-2p-alone-adelikat - adelikat Double Dragon 2 improved by over 30 seconds from greater precision, new shortcuts, and the use of Mode B (which allows the players to hit each other). Like in the previous run, the author controls two characters at once. This movie shows the true value of teamwork. Despite sibling rivalry, Billy and Jimmy help expedite their common goal with well-timed knees to each other's faces.
Keywords: Double Dragon; TAS; adelikat
Downloads: 192
[movies]Longplay - Double Dragon 1+2(NES) - 34:25 min. (2Player mode) - MontyMole
Longplay from the NES verions from Double Dragon 1+2. I`ve cutted both parts to one video. I don`t think Double Dragon 1 on the NES is really a good game but nice as bonus for the great second part. Part 2 is played in Two-Player mode and without losing a life. The video contains all cutscenes. Double Dragon 1: 14:14 minutes Double Dragon 2: 20:11 minutes The video is downloadable in a high and medium quality...
Keywords: nes; longplay; double dragon
Downloads: 1,990 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Nintendo Gamepack Double Dragon - Nintendo

Keywords: Nintendo Gamepack; Double Dragon
Downloads: 116
[movies]8-Bit Recall - Double Dragon 2

Keywords: 8-bit recall; 8-bit; double dragon; double dragon 2
Downloads: 11
[movies]8-Bit Recall - Double Dragon

Keywords: 8-bit recall; double dragon
Downloads: 7
[movies]Atari 2600 Longplay [026] Double Dragon - george3
A very poor conversion of Double Dragon to the Atari 2600 from the arcades. The controls in this game are awful. especially if you are using a one-button joystick. You have to move and hold the joystick at a desired direction and then press a button execute the moves. For example for kicks you have to move and hold down and press a button. For jump kicks, you have to move and hold up and press a button...
Keywords: double dragon; atari 2600; longplay
Downloads: 37
[movies]Longplay - Battletoads & Battletoads Double Dragon (NES) 2-Playermode - MontyMole
Tool assisted Longplay from the NES-games "Battletoads" & "Battletoads Double Dragon" played in 2-Playermode. Search for "Creator:MontyMole" and watch our other longplays too.
Keywords: nes; longplay; double dragon:battletoads
Downloads: 1,424
[audio]filmsack_doubledragon - Scott Johnson
An episode about Double Dragon
Keywords: An episode about Double Dragon
Downloads: 24,503
[audio]Double Dragon - 2 Dudes and a NES
Michael and Justin talk some Double Dragon. Just don't ask them to beat it.
Keywords: Podcast; NES; Nintendo; Double Dragon
Downloads: 130
[movies]Battletoads & Double Dragon (SNES) - Lee Brothers 0:23:23 - Dominic Legault - Dominic 'DAMURDOC' Legault
Speed run of Battletoads & Double Dragon as a Lee brother, done on July 19 2007. Available in five versions: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Author's comments: Haaa... the good old battletoads and double dragons on the snes. As soon as I heard my friend had the game I just had to borrow it. I had no plan to speedrun it at first but I figured it was time to move on into console speedruns once and for all so I grabbed a dvd recorder on ebay and started working o...
Keywords: Battletoads; Double Dragon; Super Nintendo
Downloads: 3,330 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[software]Double Dragon II: The Revenge + source code
720KB floppy images for DOS version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge. Disk 1 includes undeleted archive DRGNSRC.LZH that contains the game's ASM source code. Images were created using dd utility in Ubuntu 10.10 and should be DOSBox-mountable.
Keywords: Double Dragon II: The Revenge; source code
Downloads: 113
[movies]arukAdo's PCECD Double Dragon II - The Revenge in 11:57.73
Details at
Keywords: TAS Double Dragon II The Revenge
Downloads: 776
[audio]Double Dragon
Pilot - 00 - Double Dragon
Keywords: movie; podcast; netflix; double dragon; video games
Downloads: 346
[movies]Battletoads & Double Dragon - GuidoAnchovies
2007 was basically the beginning of my LP days. Through challenges in a Battletoads thread, I managed to generally get the hang of recording, editing, and hosting my videos. Since I noticed the person that put me through all of that hell hadn't done any videos for this thread, I figured I'd see if he wanted to attempt a coop run of BT:DD. Apparently he was dumb enough to accept, and what we were left with was one night full of technical errors that somehow managed to produce these videos...
Keywords: let's play; 2007; guidoanchovies; battletoads & double dragon
Downloads: 817 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Battletoads & Double Dragon TAS
Battletoads & Double Dragon ... with no battletoads! The author uses Billy & Jimmy, some glitches, and some good old fashioned luck manipulation to plow through this game in record time.
Keywords: tool-assisted speedrun; tas; battletoads; double dragon
Downloads: 1,057
[audio]Episode 47 - Koga Shuko Sugar Cookies
Hey kids, have you heard of this E3 thing? Oh you have?!? Well so have we and this week we discuss some highlights and lowlights of E3 2012, along with tweets, sticky situations, and our B-Movie Breakdown is the 1994 classic video game adaptation Double Dragon! That's right, the movie that has been called "the worst video game movie of all time" and has a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.
Keywords: Double Dragon; Double Dragon The Movie; Double Dragon Movie; Billy Lee; Jimmy Lee; The Lee Brothers; podcast; podcasting Poddy Mouths; Poddy Mouths podcast; NES
Downloads: 66
[audio]PCR009 - Double Hansome Dragon - EP1 - Double Hansome Dragon
Simply put, this album will rock your socks off. If you like fast paced, exciting instrumentals than don't hesitate for a moment to download this.
Keywords: double hansome dragon; double dragon; rock; post-rock; instrumental
Downloads: 205 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]La Voladora - Gmork Games 011012 (Double Dragon)
Programa con un buen toque de rock al estilo Double Dragon en gmork games
Keywords: la voladora radio; didier sanchez; gmork games; Double Dragon
Downloads: 47
[movies]NES Double Dragon TAS in 11:15.12 by Phil
For more details, see This is the first of Phil's Double Dragon movies published on the site (but his 2nd attempt). It is a fairly good attempt that does a good job of weapon use including the dynamite glitch (which kills enemies without the dynamite igniting).
Keywords: NES; Double Dragon; TAS; Tool-assisted; Speedrun; Phil
Downloads: 120
[movies]NES Double Dragon II - The Revenge TAS in 10:21.9 by QBOB
For more details, see A 1-player movie of Double Dragon II that aims solely for fastest completion and, in contrast to Phil's movie, uses the most powerful move, the flying knee, extensively.
Keywords: NES; Double Dragon II; Revenge; TAS; Tool-assisted; Speedrun; QBOB
Downloads: 287
[audio]Episode 5 Double Dragon
A double feature about Double Dragon!  It's episode 5!
Keywords: Double Dragon; Last Time on Videogames; Videogames; review; podcast
Downloads: 47
[movies]NES Double Dragon TAS in 09:35.15 by Phil
For more details, see Released on many systems, this game was so popular they even released it for cellular phones and made a board game. This version is 51 seconds faster than the previous version.
Keywords: NES; Double Dragon; TAS; Tool-assisted; Speedrun; Phil
Downloads: 74
[movies]xipo's NES Double Dragon 2: The Revenge "2 players" in 08:21.61 - xipo
Keywords: Double Dragon 2; Tool-Assisted Speedrun; TAS; xipo
Downloads: 302
[movies]Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 11: Double Dragon III - CineMassacre

Keywords: Angry Video Game Nerd; Double Dragon III; James Rolfe
Downloads: 20
[audio]Battletoads & Double Dragon - 2 Dudes and a NES
The greatest faceoff in the world of podcasts happens now! Watch Genesis Gems vs. 2 Dudes and a NES as they take on the game... Battletoads & Double Dragon. Who will come out on top?
Keywords: podcast; retro gaming; nes; nintendo; battletoads; double dragon
Downloads: 761
[movies]Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 11 - Angry Video Game Nerd
The AVGN reviews ''Double Dragon 3'' for NES.
Keywords: angry; video; game; nerd; cinemassacre; double dragon 3
Downloads: 625
[movies]NES Double Dragon TAS in 10:25.92 by Phil
For more details, see This is our 2nd Double Dragon movie by Phil (his 3rd attempt). It is about 40 seconds faster than his previous attempt. It saves some time by getting baddies to group together and then beat them up at once.
Keywords: NES; Double Dragon; TAS; Tool-assisted; Speedrun; Phil
Downloads: 146
[audio]Power On Podcast Portable: Episode 13 (Double Dragon II: The Revenge)
Sushi and Taylor take on a wonderful classic, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, with double the kneeing goodness.  What are thoughts and memories of this game?
Keywords: power on podcast; power on; double dragon II; double dragon; the revenge; gaming podcast; gaming; games; portable
Downloads: 25
[movies]8-bit Recall - Double Dragon 3

Keywords: 8-bit recall; nes; nintendo; review; 8-bit; recall; double dragon 3; double dragon; double; dragon; video games; games; video
Downloads: 19
[movies]NES Double Dragon III - The Sacred Stones TAS in 14:04.27 by Phil
For more details, see This was Phil's first Double Dragon 3 movie. It features a variety of movies with a preference for jump kicking.
Keywords: NES; Double Dragon III; Sacred Stones; TAS; Tool-assisted; Speedrun; Phil
Downloads: 144
[movies]NES Longplay 024 Double Dragon 3 - Ravenlord
The final game in the trilogy.Billy and Jimmy Lee are returning from martial arts training when their paths cross a fortune teller. She tells them of a great evil in Egypt, their strongest adversary yet, and how the Rosetta Stones can aid them.This game features weapon shops where Billy and Jimmy can buy power-ups, tricks, energy and extra lives to aid them in their quest.Power-ups make Billy and Jimmy twice their size, increasing their damage done and range of attack.The character graphics have...
Keywords: nes; double dragon 3 sacred stones; nintendo; game; console; longplay; complete
Downloads: 74
[movies]Write a Story About The Day You Die and it Will Revive You - John Landis, Michael Poley
Short video film about teenage adventure and love in pre-apocalyptic Dayton, Ohio. Made in late summer 2002.
Keywords: Dayton; Michael Poley; Nintendo; Double Dragon; Sewers; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Downloads: 247
[audio]Legacy Music Hour - Episode 24: Punching and Kicking - Brent Weinbach and Rob F.
In this episode, Brent and Rob focus on music from beat 'em up games. They also share stories about black belts, martial arts, and Russian sweat.
Keywords: nes; sega genesis; legacy music; video game music; double dragon; black belt
Downloads: 3,029
[movies]NES Double Dragon II - The Revenge "2-player" TAS in 09:52.98 by Phil
For more details, see This is a two-player TAS of Double Dragon II - but here's what's curious: there's only one player - controlling both characters! That's really hard to do. In this version, the author uses the "flying knee" technique more often but still manages to keep it as interesting as the precedent version
Keywords: Tool-assisted; Speedrun; TAS; NES; Double Dragon II; 2-player; Phil
Downloads: 166
[audio]25 Ta Life - CJ and BK
Take a puff of your Marlboro E-Cigarette and relax, we got a double dragon situation here. We welcome long time listeners Slarpy and Jeff to get Season One feedback. Also...Mario Kart, Ping Pong, A Surprise Guest and more on the TFP Season 1 Finale
Keywords: Nerd; comedy; podcast; double dragon; vodka; mario kart; marlboro; music; friendship
Downloads: 78
[movies]Chrontendo Volume 30 - Dr. Sparkle
The 30th episode in the long running series, Chrontendo. Our mission: to document every game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom. We finish up March and move into April 1988. Aside from the classic Technos beat-em-up Double Dragon, we have a few more military simulation games, and a few truly awful examples of kusoge, including the notorious Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The full list of games covered is: Battle of Olympus Takeda Shingen Fudo Myouoden/Demon Sword Fleet Commande...
Keywords: video game; video game review; nintendo; chrontendo; chronogaming; famicom; NES; FDS; kusoge; Konami; Double Dragon
Downloads: 2,321
[audio]Episode 78 Anime Minus The Anime [ Renegade] - Last Time on Videogames
Sometimes, you have to fight the power.  Sometimes, the power is other people fighting the power.  Sometimes, you can't handle the power... or the motorcycle segments.  Sadly, you don't have a buster sword, because it would really help there.  Anyway, get ready to beat 'em up.  Beat all of them up!
Keywords: beat 'em up; brawler; retro; renegade; river city ransom; double dragon; review; podcast; NES; last time on videogames
Downloads: 29
[audio]LPDFYQ Nº 36. TOPICAZOS DE LOS VIDEOJUEGOS II ( 2ª Parte) - Fran y Quique
Por primera vez, hacemos una segunda parte del algún audioprograma, y le tocó al tema de lso TOPICAZOS DE LOS VIDEOJUEGOS. Imperdible para todos aquéllos jugones de recreativas y consolas de videojuegos domésticas.
Keywords: videojuegos; sega; master system; nintendo; supernes; nostalgia; infancia; arcade; mame; amiga; commodore 64; spectrum; golden axe; double dragon; dragonninja
Downloads: 231
[audio]BrainLazy - This Week - June 10, 2010 - BrainLazy
This week's topics include: The iPhone and apple's future in the mobile market, the new and intriguing Mortal Kombat trailer, and the many forms of Scott Pilgrim.
Keywords: BrainLazy; WWDC; Apple; iPhone; Mortal Kombat Rebirth; Mortal Kombat Reboot; Reptile; Barraka; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World; Scott Pilgrim; Comics; XBLA; PSN; 8-Bit; Double Dragon
Downloads: 126
[movies]Funny or Die Video 5d1530635a: Double Dragon - Episode 1 - Funny or Die
In the late 1980's the streets were run by boss Willie Mackey. This is his story, from the back room at headquarters.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Double Dragon; Episode 1; His Story; Mike Prochaska; Series; The Back Room; The Late; The Streets; improv; nintendo; sketch
Downloads: 3
[audio]Saga Podcast S05E22 - Peliculas basadas en Videojuegos - Saga
Esta semana en el saga podcast hablamos del uno de los sueños mas extraños de los videojugadores, que un juego se convierta en película, hablamos por horas de películas basadas en videojuegos y aunque muchas son malas nos divetimos comentandolas
Keywords: super mario bros; mortal kombat; silent hill; double dragon; street fighter; hitman; resident evil; prince of persia; videojuegos; videogames; tomb raider; lara croft
Downloads: 301
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 13 SEASON 2 PREMIERE - The Rev
It's FINALLY HERE the 2nd Season of the new and Improved Retrocade Fantasia, THE Mystery Science theater of Video games. Before you ask the theme music is from Pyscic Force 2012 Smitty isn't dead...he's back and pissing the Rev off.... For games PC Genjin (Bonk's Adventure) Chaos Breaker SVC Chaos 3d World Runner Shinobi MS VS NES VS PC Engine Rage Racer Double Dragon and a few surprises
Keywords: PC Genjin (Bonk's Adventure) Chaos Breaker SVC 3d World Runner Shinobi MS VS NES Engine Rage Racer Double Dragon Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 103
[texts]Computer & Video Games - Issue 099 (1990-02)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Computer & Video Games - Issue 099 (1990-02)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: amiga; game; arcade; ocean; software; squad; batman; games; hit squad; stunt car; space harrier; power drift; double dragon; code masters; car racer; altered beast; operation wolf; forgotten worlds
Downloads: 129
[movies]Retrocade Episode 25 Season 2 Finale - The Rev
Welcome to a tasteless edition of Retrocade. Though keep in mind this episode was finished 2 weeks ago so it's all a coincidence. We celebrate the Dark Knight rises with a slew of Batman games some great some suck. We also take a look at the PC Engine and Master System versions of Outrun, Other games this episode include Double Dragon II (NES) Hokuto No Ken (Master System) Psycho Fox (Master System) Rampage (Master System) and we wrap up season 2 with a 4 stage play though of Mega Man II Only us...
Keywords: Retrocade ゲームセンターCX USA Outrun Double Dragon II Batman Master System Rampage Psycho Fox Hokuto no ken Mega Man 2
Downloads: 69
[audio]Diogenes Digital 1 X 15 Vs The Barrio - Diogenes Digital
En este programa nos vamos de cabeza a los 80 y al genero que reinó en los arcades, punkis, tipos duros, peleas en las calles y pollos que se esconden en cualquier sitio... ah!  y la chica secuestrada por el matón de turno que no  podía faltar. Nos vamos a curtir el lomo en Yo contra el barrio! Las músicas usadas en este audio son:8bit Kraftsman (morgantj)Beginning of Anxiety (LukHash)Yesterday (Jakim)Goodbye - the angry mix (admiralbob77)
Keywords: podcast; diogenes digital; retro; arcade; nes; kung fu masters; final fight; double dragon; jackie chan; mark dacascos; beat em up; yo contra el barrio; videojuegos
Downloads: 133
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 100

Keywords: amiga; abi; game; sega; graphics; arcade; thai; ocean; hit squad; paul rand; play ability; operation wolf; space harrier; rand graphics; ocean ocean; double dragon; turbo outrun; power drift
Downloads: 391
[texts]Team Sega Newsletter - Issue 04 - Sega
This is the fourth issue of Sega's first direct-to-consumer newsletter/magazine. It was previously known as "Sega Challenge: The Team Sega Newsletter" in Issues 1-3, but that title was removed in Issues 4+, shortened simply to "The Team Sega Newsletter".
Keywords: team sega newsletter; sega challenge; video games; master system; newsletter; thunder blade; phantasy star; pro-play arcade; carmen sandiego; double dragon; segascope
Downloads: 15
[texts]Commodore User Magazine Issue 75

Keywords: amiga; data; ond; game; lor; software; disk; thai; screen scene; program; call crack; bruce lee; amiga screen; london ecir; xenon technology; double dragon; turbo outrun; virus free
Downloads: 377
[audio]Female Basic# 11 - Liz and Miz
The first episode of A True Friend's Work is Never Done (ATFWIND) starring Liz and Mia. 
Keywords: podcast; cool; wow; fun; double dragon; teenager; magic; aliens; tags are fun; poop; a true friend's work is never done; atfwind
Downloads: 17
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 097

Keywords: arcade; amiga; game; games; software; sega; spectrum; graphics; zealand story; hit squad; arcade game; stunt car; paul rand; star wars; space harrier; indiana jones; virgin megastore; double dragon
Downloads: 697
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